Monday, September 20, 2010

Motorolla Backflip: Will it eventually Upgrade to Android 2.X or flash?

Here is my open letter (And post on their useless forum) to Motorolla concerning their Backflip phone. I was stupid enough to buy one even when the AT@T salesman told me that people had been bringing the backflips back and trading them in or getting refunds. In short, that no one is satisfied with them.

Will the Backflip run flash? Can you even get flash for your motorolla backflip? The answer is "NO", but you won't get a straight answer from Motorolla about that, just a bunch of double-speak and weasel-words.

The backflip has been abandoned by motorolla like the bastard child of a crack whore.

So do I suggest that you run out and buy the Android or some similar product from motorolla? No, don't do it. Seeing how Motorolla has treated its customers who sadly bought the backflip, and how motorolla has no intent or desire to provide any support or development of any kind for the backflip, I am sure that they will do the same thing once the short-comings of the Android, or whatever other phones become apparent.

Just get the iphone.

After tons of time wasted searching various sites and looking for answers, the best Ive found is wishy-washy non-commital non-answers from "tech people" on this forum that offer no real answers at all.

That, combined with what others have told me has convinced me that the backflip has been abandoned by motorolla, That motorolla has no interest in any further support for the backflip, and backflip will not be getting any updates of anything.

Prove me wrong.
This action and behavior from Motorolla has not had the effect of me running out to buy the newer android so I can run flash. In fact, this is having the opposite effect on me: I will not be purchasing ANY motorolla products what so ever.

For once I should have listened to the geek t the AT@T store when he told me "People have been bringing the backflip back and trading it for something else" I figured he was trying to up-sell me, but he was actually telling the truth: people ARE returning these phones as soon as they start looking for upgrades and apps like flash, and finding none, and discovering the motorolla has no interest in providing thos things, ever.
Motorollas game is now obvious: Sell off the backflip and blow them off the shelves like the edsells and lemons they are, and go about trying to sell "Newer and better" androids.....and the limitations on those is starting to show.
Motorolla, you have failed, and worse, you have lied to and yanked around your customers. And I will not be a customer of yours ever again.

Oh yeah, and Motorolla? Blow me.


  1. cool!suppin bro :)
    check both my blogs are interesting! ;)

  2. sucks when the manufacturer doesn't put any support for their own product!

  3. Ugh... hate the alternative, but what can you do? Motorola, you're doing it wrong!

  4. nah, my old phone still works.
    So, why getting those software ill programmed ones. :)