Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Game Sep 30 - Moonster Safe

Can you crack every Moonster Safe in this point and click puzzle game?

Moonster Safe is powered by

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Game Sep 29 - Harmony Keeper

Help the keeper save the galaxy.

Harmony Keeper is powered by

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily Game Sep 28 - Gravity Duck

Manipulate gravity to help the duck get to his golden egg.

Gravity Duck is powered by

Monday, September 27, 2010

Daily Game Sep 27 - Block Knocker

Think, calculate your moves as cause as much damage as you can in this strategy and puzzle game.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Game Sep 26 - Zombie Sports: Football

Welcome to the great zombie sport of head-kicking!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The video that nearly made me piss my pants

I'm not sure why exactly, but this video made me laugh, hard.

Monitor, feedback, ringing in your ears? Save it HEAR!

I just ran across this cool little application that helps to train your ears (You mind really) to recognize frequencies.
If you are a sound engineer, like myself, then feedback is always an enemy in live situations.

Here is a "Simple Feedback Trainer". It basically acts like an equalizer in which you hear a tone, and 'guess' the frequency of it, and then pull down the corresponding fader.

Simple Feedback Trainer

What good is it? Well you can play with it for a few minutes each day, and train your ears to hear freqs, then associate those with the proper freqs as laid out on the standard EQ. By doing this, when you are ringing out a monitor system, or FOH (Front Of House) you can do it much quicker and efficiently, thus cutting way down on the wear and tear and patience of everyone else associated with the show or building.

Screen shot of the Simple Feedback Trainer.

This will also help you in hearing, catching, and being able to tune a variety of sounds being made on stage, and adjusting individual instruments channels to taste.

Daily Game Sep 25 - Pixel Purge

Collect the pixels for better health, fire rate and defense powers and to get to the next levels.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Daily Game Sep 24 - Cellular Defense

Try to stop the virus from getting to your patient's heart in this innovative tower defense game.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daily Game Sep 23 - Jabberwocky, The Shepherd

Help Jabberwocky, The Shepherd get all the slimes home...

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Game Sep 22 - Crusade

Physics "Break castle" game! Clear Europe from the invasion of monsters... Beautiful graphycs. Many cannon types, enemys, achievents, elements for build own levels ... and others!

Crusade game is powered by

Scumbag developers take the tax dollars, build crap then cut and run, all according to plan.

"Told You So?

This is EXACTLY what many of us said would happen the minute Hanry mcClure and Doug Compton went begging to the city wanting tax payers to pay for THEIR "project". It was obvious that they (Compton and McClure) would do exactly what Compton is known for doing: Screwing over the locals, grabbing the tax money, build crappy buildings out of cheap crappy materials, try charging way to much for them, then sell it out to section-8 and wash their hands of it.
I think that the city council members that were sitting on the council and approved the TIF and permits (ESPECIALLY Swank and Duffy) should be forced to buy into the entire thing along with Compton and McClure, and IF it goes to section-8, then they should be forced to LIVE there.
They priced those apartments and retails spaces right out of the market. Let them try playing in the real world and put the rents on a realistic level.
All of those scum bags swore up and down that this would never happen.

Developers would sell buildings to Wichita company that would rent them out to low-income people

Created September 21, 2010 at 9:57pm

After failing over a two-year period to find buyers for any of 24 townhomes they had built, developers of a project to revitalize central Topeka's College Hill business district propose to sell the buildings to a Wichita company that would take advantage of federal tax credits while renting them out to people who meet low-income guidelines.

"Developers of 24 townhomes in the College Hill business district have agreed to sell the buildings to a Wichita company that would rent them out to people who meet low-income guidelines. The developers failed during a two-year period to find buyers for the townhomes."

And to think that the city and these developers swore up and down and sideways that they wouldnt do this. This is exactly what we warned about. And we warned about this because this is exactly what those developers have done over and over again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've gotta see how this works.

OK, what I am working on is another way to "Monetize my blog".
If you have a blogger blog, and would like to make a bit more from it, then do this:

Sign up with LINKBUCKS and follow the instructions for putting the banners and links on your blogs and whatever pages.

I hope this will work out well for you and me. I spend enough time blogging and researching that I really should be making a little bit of something back.

Daily Game Sep 21 - Scene of the crime: GD

Become a great detective... Solve the crime.

Scene of the crime: GD game is powered by

Monday, September 20, 2010

Motorolla Backflip: Will it eventually Upgrade to Android 2.X or flash?

Here is my open letter (And post on their useless forum) to Motorolla concerning their Backflip phone. I was stupid enough to buy one even when the AT@T salesman told me that people had been bringing the backflips back and trading them in or getting refunds. In short, that no one is satisfied with them.

Will the Backflip run flash? Can you even get flash for your motorolla backflip? The answer is "NO", but you won't get a straight answer from Motorolla about that, just a bunch of double-speak and weasel-words.

The backflip has been abandoned by motorolla like the bastard child of a crack whore.

So do I suggest that you run out and buy the Android or some similar product from motorolla? No, don't do it. Seeing how Motorolla has treated its customers who sadly bought the backflip, and how motorolla has no intent or desire to provide any support or development of any kind for the backflip, I am sure that they will do the same thing once the short-comings of the Android, or whatever other phones become apparent.

Just get the iphone.

After tons of time wasted searching various sites and looking for answers, the best Ive found is wishy-washy non-commital non-answers from "tech people" on this forum that offer no real answers at all.

That, combined with what others have told me has convinced me that the backflip has been abandoned by motorolla, That motorolla has no interest in any further support for the backflip, and backflip will not be getting any updates of anything.

Prove me wrong.
This action and behavior from Motorolla has not had the effect of me running out to buy the newer android so I can run flash. In fact, this is having the opposite effect on me: I will not be purchasing ANY motorolla products what so ever.

For once I should have listened to the geek t the AT@T store when he told me "People have been bringing the backflip back and trading it for something else" I figured he was trying to up-sell me, but he was actually telling the truth: people ARE returning these phones as soon as they start looking for upgrades and apps like flash, and finding none, and discovering the motorolla has no interest in providing thos things, ever.
Motorollas game is now obvious: Sell off the backflip and blow them off the shelves like the edsells and lemons they are, and go about trying to sell "Newer and better" androids.....and the limitations on those is starting to show.
Motorolla, you have failed, and worse, you have lied to and yanked around your customers. And I will not be a customer of yours ever again.

Oh yeah, and Motorolla? Blow me.

Daily Game Sep 20 - Tails' Nightmare 2

Collect coins and bonuses and defeat all the enemies.

Tails' Nightmare 2 is powered by

The headache AFTER sex POIS Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome

Questions and Answers about POIS (Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome)

That major headache after jacking off. The huge migraine after orgasm. A horrible head ache after masturbating or after sex.

This has only happened to me a few times. So while it is not really relevant to DIY and Recycling (But maybe to Justin Bieber) I felt that there is very little info on the net about POIS aka Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome.
And a lot of guys are embarrassed to ask anyone about it. Much less to admit that they masturbate. (And isn't that odd? Kind of like denying that you poop?)

So here are some resources:

What is it?
Postorgasmic illness syndrome
Postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS) is a condition characterized by debilitating symptoms following orgasm that last for a few hours to several days.[1][2] The phenomenon was first described in 2002.

Symptoms usually appear within half an hour of orgasm and resolve after a few days.[2][3]
One can experience mental symptoms, physical symptoms, or both. Common mental symptoms include cognitive dysfunction, intense discomfort, irritability, anxiety, craving for relief, susceptibility to nervous system stresses (e.g. cold), depressed mood, and difficulty communicating, remembering words, reading and retaining information, concentrating, and socialising.[2][3][4] Physical symptoms include severe fatigue, mild to severe headache, and flu-like and allergy-like symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal irritation, and muscle pain.[2][3] Affected individuals may also experience intense warmth

POIS stands for post orgasmic illness syndrome, which is a condition characterized by lingering physical and mental exhaustion, which occurs after orgasm and can last up to 2 weeks.

You may find some usefull information here:

an example of their work:
Post-Orgasmic Cognitive Symptoms
Dr. John Dean presented a case of a man in his mid fifties complaining of lifelong transient loss of memory and irritability that occurs after every orgasm. Otherwise the patient has no other sexual complaints, and no neurological disorders diagnosed by a neurologist. Dr. Dean considered asking the patient to masturbate and to have an orgasm whilst he was having his EEG. Dr. Charles Moser reported seeing two similar cases and forwarded an abstract by Dr. Waldinger –published in J Sex Marital Therapy- describing a post-ejaculatory syndrome in two men with spontaneous ejaculations. The syndrome consists of severe fatigue, intense warmth, and a flu like state, with generalized myalgia.

Dr. Gorm Wagner advised in-depth technical and psychological evaluation and considering simple measures such as post-coital blood pressure evaluation. Dr. Giuseppe La Pera advised a 24-hour Holter test, and reported a similar case with post coital elevated blood pressure, where symptoms resolved with beta blockers.

Dr. David Rabinowitz advised a full battery of investigations, and raised the possibility of a dissociative state, or a variant of Transient Global Amnesia. Dr. Ganesh Adaikan forwarded an article from the lancet where a woman with similar symptoms was cured with the antiepileptic, carbamazepine. Dr. Broderick also advised ruling out arrhythmias and blood pressure disorders by an ambulatory halter monitor and Blood Pressure cuff, then proceeding with considering dissociative states.

Also, more resources:


1/ Sex : triggers asthma

2/ Immune system and cold symptoms :

3/ Compare flu/cold/allergic rhinitis/sinusitis to our POIS symptoms :
Seems closer to "flu" ...

4/ Addison and flulike episodes

5/ Cortocsteroids side effects

Abrupt withdrawal of corticosteroids is dangerous. When corticosteroids are rapidly tapered, patients may exhibit withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, myalgias, and fatigue. These symptoms reflect mild adrenocortical insufficiency and are usually transient. They may be prevented or lessened by a more gradual tapering of corticosteroids

Adrenocortical deficit is not only restricted to Addison. For example when stopping corticoids. I imagine a similar phenomenon for Pois flulike form.

6/ ISSM Update :

Recycling and D.I.Y. projects go hand in hand.

DIY: Recycling Floppy Disks

Recycling and D.I.Y. projects go hand in hand. And if yours don't, then perhaps you should re-think the way you are doing your DIY projects.
And speaking of recycling, I just wanted to post this link and teaser for an article for 2 reasons: I wanted to put it where I could find it again, and I wanted to hopefully spark some imagination in my readers.

PLEASE give props and tips to the original author of this article.

DIY: Recycling Floppy Disks
by Kathreen Ricketson, Canberra, Australia on 06.27.07

The floppy disk was the medium of choice during the 80's and 90's, they are now relegated to landfill, and cost dollars to dispose of correctly. People are great at finding ways to recycle and are making the floppy disk into something useful! Instructables has a great 'how-to' on how to make stuff out of floppy disks. Try your hand at making a bag or if that is too much for you get some crafty geekery for your home office with this floppy disk pen holder from Etsy. Others ideas for re-using these floppy disks include, notepads like this or this and there is a simple little 'how-to' at gear log for these and more fun floppy disk geekery, but for something slightly more stylish try this bag.

Another good article for further reading is:

A Collective Manual-in-progress for Outliving Civilization
DIY Recycling

Do-it-yourself recycling is about modifying and reusing cheap and widely available rubbish to meet our own needs. [Skip to projects]

Part of the appeal is simple waste-reduction. By modifying what would otherwise be junk to meet my needs I can avoid buying something else for the same purpose. Or if I have limited money, or in a collapse context, I can make something useful I wouldn't otherwise have. DIY recycling can use much less energy than full-blown industrial recycling.

DIY recycling also allows us to keep materials in our own communities instead of giving them right back to the corporate economy. Many of us are hesitant to give a source of cheap raw materials to an economy that isn't exactly renowned for making good, ethical choices about what to do with those materials. As peak oil progresses, militaries and corporations will no doubt have increasing demands for all sorts of cheap raw materials and I'm not very inclined to give them up once I have them in my hands.

And I found this one interesting, especially since I have a fondness for cardboard.


How to make platforms from cardboard: This site has an example of a really simple way to make platforms out of corrugated cardboard that you could use to put your bed on, for example.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daily Game Sep 19 - Earl Grey

Help Rupert deliver the package to Earl Gray and survive the mysterious mention...

Earl Grey Game is powered by

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Daily Game Sep 18 - Smiley Showdown

Smileys are not as simple as you think... Make the all explode and see what happens...

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Daily Game Sep 17 - Moon and Sun

Place the different object smartly to help get the sun or the moon to the door.

Moon and Sun Game is powered by

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spike Can Dance - Justin Bieber

Is Awesome had a child, it's name would be SPIKE!

(And a new fitness craze!)

Dance your way to health AND meet your teen heart throb model! Design your own fitness dance routines the DIY way, your health and healthy lifestyle will thank you for it. And if you are lucky and your youtube video is noticed, then maybe Justin Bieber will want to meet, and dance with you! Good luck!

Spike Can Dance - Justin Bieber I really need Justin Bieber to watch this. I know if he sees it he will help me get discovered so I can make a difference. If you do this entire dance YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS! Thanks to all my fans out there and sorry that Sheryll wouldn't cooperate with me. She has a mind of her own.

-Love, Spike

How to Generate Your Own Electricity: Living Off the Grid

(Cited from: )

Living Off the Grid: How to Generate Your Own Electricity

Taking the Alternative Energy Plunge
When my wife and I moved to Montana last year, we found a comfortable home on several acres with a view of the mountains. There was only one hitch – the house was off the grid. In fact, everyone in the subdivision generated their own power, including the bed and breakfast nearby.

That doesn’t mean it was primitive. The house had solar panels, a wind turbine, a battery bank and inverter, a generator, and a full range of appliances including washer and dryer, refrigerator, stove, satellite TV, propane furnace, and even a dishwasher. Since I had operated a cogeneration power plant before coming to Montana, I wasn’t too concerned about generating my own electric power, so we bought the house.

If saving money is your goal, you need to crunch some numbers and do some research. If saving the environment is your goal, then the investment is worth it.

Alternative Energy Cost
Since then, I’ve learned the second lesson of renewable energy: while the energy may be free, it still costs more than electricity from a utility company. This may not be obvious, so let me explain. The following are the approximate prices for the equipment we have now, materials only – installation is extra:

Solar array 1 kW $6,000
Dual-axis tracker $6,250
Wind generator w/50 ft tower 1 kW $3,700
Inverter/charger 4 kW $3,000
Batteries (1 day reserve) $8,000
Total $26,950
If you assume that we receive eight hours of sun and eight hours of wind per day (a generous assumption), we would produce 487 kW-hours of electric energy per month from renewable sources. This is almost half the 920 kW-hours per month that was used by the average American home in 2006.

Electrical inverter/charger

Assuming the equipment has a 20-year lifespan, it will produce 116,880 kW-hours of energy during that time, and my prorated cost for the equipment will be $0.23 per kW-hour. That’s more than twice the average cost of the same amount of energy from the local utility company.

Thats some hefty investing. BUT if its done right and quality equipment and parts are used then over time much money can be saved.

Daily Game Sep 16 - Electric Box 2

It's time to think outside the box. Connect power from the power supply to the set target. Use the mouse to move your inventory. Click the left mouse button to drag it to the grid.

Electric Box 2 is powered by

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily Game Sep 15 - Death Row Diner

Welcome to the Death Row Dinner. You better serve these prisoners well or...

Death Row Diner Game is powered by

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Game Sep 14 - Hanger

Hang, swing and do all you need to do to stay alive and pass the levels...

Hanger is powered by

Monday, September 13, 2010

D.I.Y Genius: Making a floating island from plastic bottles

Mr. "Rishi" Sowa lives on an floating island.That he made. From empty plastic bottles and a few mangrove plants. In Mexico.
From the blog:
From 1998 to 2005, Rishi Sowa hand-built and lived on the first Spiral Island, which floated on over 300,000 recycled bottles! It was destroyed by Hurricane Emily in 2005. Rishi has now built an even better island at Isla Mujeres, Mexico, in a lagoon which offers shelter from bad weather! Rishi will continue to make improvements to the Island, so it will always be a eco-work-of-art in progress!

Daily Game Sep 13 - Reincarnation: LTETR

Another great game from the Reincarnation games.

Reincarnation: LTETR is powered by

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Daily Game Sep 12 - Alice is Dead - Ep 3

Another great episode of Alice is dead game. Find objects and use them correctly to figure out what happened to Alice.

Alice is Dead - Ep 3 is powered by

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Daily Game Sep 11 - Air Transporter

You are an helicopter pilot. Complete your special missions to pass the levels.

Air Transporter game is powered by