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The headache AFTER sex POIS Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome

Questions and Answers about POIS (Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome)

That major headache after jacking off. The huge migraine after orgasm. A horrible head ache after masturbating or after sex.

This has only happened to me a few times. So while it is not really relevant to DIY and Recycling (But maybe to Justin Bieber) I felt that there is very little info on the net about POIS aka Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome.
And a lot of guys are embarrassed to ask anyone about it. Much less to admit that they masturbate. (And isn't that odd? Kind of like denying that you poop?)

So here are some resources:

What is it?
Postorgasmic illness syndrome
Postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS) is a condition characterized by debilitating symptoms following orgasm that last for a few hours to several days.[1][2] The phenomenon was first described in 2002.

Symptoms usually appear within half an hour of orgasm and resolve after a few days.[2][3]
One can experience mental symptoms, physical symptoms, or both. Common mental symptoms include cognitive dysfunction, intense discomfort, irritability, anxiety, craving for relief, susceptibility to nervous system stresses (e.g. cold), depressed mood, and difficulty communicating, remembering words, reading and retaining information, concentrating, and socialising.[2][3][4] Physical symptoms include severe fatigue, mild to severe headache, and flu-like and allergy-like symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal irritation, and muscle pain.[2][3] Affected individuals may also experience intense warmth

POIS stands for post orgasmic illness syndrome, which is a condition characterized by lingering physical and mental exhaustion, which occurs after orgasm and can last up to 2 weeks.

You may find some usefull information here:

an example of their work:
Post-Orgasmic Cognitive Symptoms
Dr. John Dean presented a case of a man in his mid fifties complaining of lifelong transient loss of memory and irritability that occurs after every orgasm. Otherwise the patient has no other sexual complaints, and no neurological disorders diagnosed by a neurologist. Dr. Dean considered asking the patient to masturbate and to have an orgasm whilst he was having his EEG. Dr. Charles Moser reported seeing two similar cases and forwarded an abstract by Dr. Waldinger –published in J Sex Marital Therapy- describing a post-ejaculatory syndrome in two men with spontaneous ejaculations. The syndrome consists of severe fatigue, intense warmth, and a flu like state, with generalized myalgia.

Dr. Gorm Wagner advised in-depth technical and psychological evaluation and considering simple measures such as post-coital blood pressure evaluation. Dr. Giuseppe La Pera advised a 24-hour Holter test, and reported a similar case with post coital elevated blood pressure, where symptoms resolved with beta blockers.

Dr. David Rabinowitz advised a full battery of investigations, and raised the possibility of a dissociative state, or a variant of Transient Global Amnesia. Dr. Ganesh Adaikan forwarded an article from the lancet where a woman with similar symptoms was cured with the antiepileptic, carbamazepine. Dr. Broderick also advised ruling out arrhythmias and blood pressure disorders by an ambulatory halter monitor and Blood Pressure cuff, then proceeding with considering dissociative states.

Also, more resources:


1/ Sex : triggers asthma

2/ Immune system and cold symptoms :

3/ Compare flu/cold/allergic rhinitis/sinusitis to our POIS symptoms :
Seems closer to "flu" ...

4/ Addison and flulike episodes

5/ Cortocsteroids side effects

Abrupt withdrawal of corticosteroids is dangerous. When corticosteroids are rapidly tapered, patients may exhibit withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, myalgias, and fatigue. These symptoms reflect mild adrenocortical insufficiency and are usually transient. They may be prevented or lessened by a more gradual tapering of corticosteroids

Adrenocortical deficit is not only restricted to Addison. For example when stopping corticoids. I imagine a similar phenomenon for Pois flulike form.

6/ ISSM Update :


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  2. Marnia and Gary Robinsson have spent decades on researching this syndrome and have done lots for the understanding of POIS. One conclusion is that nature favors genetic diversity, which manifests as physical and mental discourse after orgasm to achieve a split but we are simultaneously drawn to a new potential sex mate ... in other words we are both driven apart from our last sex-mate by aches, pains bad mood and partial dementia but also pulled towards a new sex-mate by something called the Coolidge effect (google it --desire crashes towards the mate we just had sex with but is rekindled by a new partner). It seems that swingers have the most successful genes for survival. But in this sense nature has made us schizophrenic because we also like the security of a steady mate ...