Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lights Out for Justin Bieber's youtube sensation. Rick Astly is BACK!

Rick Astly is back after 17 years with a new single. Rick Rolling will never be the same.

Justin Bieber was made after being discovered on by pedophiles cruising for young boys.  But now Bieber's youtube god-head status is being thrown under the bus by a renewed interest in Rick Astley.
And before you dismiss this as just some internet prank or forced meme, go listen to the song and watch the video and discover that Astley isn't just a retrosexual nostalgia esoteric giggle, but is actually a true and serious artist who has shaken off the numbingness of a failed youthful career AND being the unwitting butt of millions of internet jokesters, and used that accidental momentum to fuel another release and chapter is his musical career.

Lights Out - Rick Astley


  1. ok this is the third time i've seen this in the most recent salvo of fresh bloggage. i'll check this out when i get home.

  2. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar for sharing this. I love this piano in this song.

  3. follow back and clicky too. kthxbai

  4. time for some daily love again!

  5. The new RockRoll is definitely better than the previous iteration.