Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fooling the fiduciary?

This is FUCKED UP!

"Somebody did some research on and BattleCam.comand the numbers for July 2010 are as shown above and below. Wow, these are incredibly low numbers really, that I figured to be much much higher than they are."

Uh-Oh. Shenmanigans? Shemanginigans? 
Of course in so many areas of life, you have to "Fake it til you make it" but in the world, the faking is getting flakey. Then again, not to give Alki and co too many excuses, many businesses, and probably especially web-based businesses go through "exponential growth cycles" and navigating through those can make a huge difference. It just seems that Alki David, the billionaire behind need to decide if this is a hobby, or a business, and then treat it as such.

Thats what its all about:

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