Friday, October 9, 2015

Topeka owes me for my consultancy work

      It dosnt take a psychic to tell which way the poison gas is blowing in Topeka.
I have declared myself an "Urban Development Consultant", and I have already given away a LOT of free consultancy to the city of Topeka.

     Topeka owes me BIGTIME! In Cash.

     In 2003 or so I walked into the DTI offices and laid out an idea and a basic plan for "Art Walks" in Topeka. Mainly downtown. Utilizing the vast amount of empty space for monthly evens that would also serve to expose those properties to potential buyers and developers.

     Of course the rude, arrogant, stubborn, elitist running the DTI office all but threw me out, laughing in my face, telling me that such a thing would never work or be welcome.
No suprize that a few years later that idea came out of someone elses hotdog-holster and was a smash hit.

     Same thing when I suggested monthly car shows downtown. I even offered to help organize them. And with several other events and ideas I tried to hand them on silver platters, only top be treated with scorn, disrespect, and even hateful vindictiveness that only proved to me that Topeka Chamber Of Commerce groups did not care one tiny bit about "revitalizing downtown", all they cared about was keeping the SCAM going for another few years.....But occasionally MY ideas come out in the form of window dressing for them to justify their existence, and when they need some face time in the paper.

     Believe me, the people in those organizations, from Heartland Visioneers to Go Topeka, to DTI are NOT working for YOU. They do not give a rats ass about YOU, the real, average Topekan. They HATE you, and all they really want out of you is to pick your pocket for "Tax deductable contributions" and your tax dollars. And then they want NOTHING to do with you.

     They live in Ivory Towers and they look down on you and spit and laugh.

     When they have public events downtown to show off their minimal efforts, they will invite you....but they REALLY only want the well-scrubbed pinky-white fashionably dressed ones. (No one from East of MacVicar please) And even then they are looking for the right time when no one is looking (Except for their insider peers who they are showing off for) they will take a giant shit on your dinner plate, piss in your glass, throw it in your face and make goddamned sure that you understand that THEY are BETTER then YOU.....then they laugh into the air, thrust their noses westward towards their thrones and go sit back and pose for pictures. And their compats will just laugh it up!

       I am a very effective Consultant, and I tell these people the unvarnished TRUTH and what needs to be done.

       And I can prove that easily: Just look at how much they HATE me! Look at how they RUN when they see me coming!

     Look at how they will deny ever having met me or speeking with me. The truth HURTS, thats a fact of life. Nothing pisses people off like the TRUTH. So yes they get really pissed off when I open my mouth. And some of the hateful nasty ugly divas of Downtown will write terse messages to newspaper online forum moderators, and facebook public group admins telling, and threatening them to BAN me and have me removed from public forums.

       (What? Hows that Jared Starkey? Glenda Washington and Ben Rufenacht and Zach Snethen* (Among others) TOLD you to ban me from the Ad Astra / Maker Space groups because they didnt like the things I had to say? Well how did THAT work out for you? Kinda looks like you got hoisted on your own petard.....just like I predicted that you Go-Topeka/Chamber snakes that do not and never did have any of OUR best interests at heart ("Our best interest" meaning we the people, the public, the tax payers whos money they are spending) Bazinga boy!)

      So, considering that Topeka has spent, and keeps spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to do "Consultancies and studies" to determine what Topeka needs in order to "grow"....and all they keep coming back with is the SAME information that I have been giving them.....I think that Topeka owes me quite a bit of money.

      Now its gonna take a while for the city to get around to ordering the auditors and finance departments to cut me a check. So I am thinking that maybe we could just cut to the chase and that some of YOU could just drop me a little bit of money.

      I mean, thanks in part to Sam brownback, AND the ass-lickers that run Topeka, theres really NO jobs here, even after paying that Doug kinsinger scumbag MORE then what the US president makes.....there are STILL *NO JOBS*.

      And Im getting pretty thinned out for survival here, I think that the general public could go ahead and start chipping in a little something for my services.

      So maybe paypal a few bucks to :

      If I started applying for welfare and food stamps and all of that, it would cost YOU MORE....even if I got TURNED DOWN. AND as has been proven even in places like Salt Lake City Utah, just giving me a rent-free apartment or house would be a LOT cheaper then what "housing the homeless" will cost you if you do it through any governmental office (Or church, same thing in Topeka with the Rescue Mission takeing such a huge side-stream cut)

      *Yes, those are three names that jared Starkey mentioned when he kicked me off of the Ad Astra Labs facebook group. HE claimed that THOSE people directly told him to ban me from the group in order to keep me from asking questions and talking about things like Insurance issues, Back-ground checks, and why WE need to pay HIM $25 cash for them (When the YMCA, Library, Auto Shops at the highschools and WTI and YWCA etc etc do not require them)

Then again, jared Starkey has sealed his reputation as being a manipulative liar and con artist who takes advantage of other peoples work for his OWN benefit. "Ad Astra Labs" was the ORIGINAL group in Topeka that wanted to form a "Maker Space" originally had nothing to do with 712 Innovations, and as far as most members went, the Ad Astra face book page had NOTHING to do with 712 Innovations (They had their own pages and forum) AND there was *never* a clear consensus within Ad Astra of ever incorporating into 712.....that was Jared running off and acting on our behalf without our actual consensus or even why the fuck would someone like Glenda Washington (Some swamp-monster friend of Doug Kinsingers from his days back in Florida by the way.....did anyone else notice that?) of even Ben (Who I actually like, he at least has a little bit of a clue.....although his dick is obviously stuck in the chambers maw....have ANYTHING to say about who can discuss what in a public facebook group?

      Do you start to see what some of the OTHEr major problems with these assholes that run the chamber of commerce and its tentacles are? THAT kind of thuggish bullying to have someone like ME throw off of a public internet forum simply because they didnt want to answer questions? And didnt want anyone discussing those issues? (And even one of Jareds "good buddies", "Simon" a public comments editor/moderator/censor at the cjonline made vague "threats" and comments to me that people from the chamber of commerce (And Jared) had told HIM not to allow my commentary on the cjonline readers forums. (Which is laughable....because very few people actually read those and care anyway, partly because "Simon" has made sure that they only reflect cjonline/chamber approved why do I even care? Well, I hate being told to shut up.....especially by people who are just flat out criminally WRONG.)

      I think thast a major issue that needs to be pushed into the light of day....and at city and county commission meetings is how to cut off JEDO and Go Topeka and ALL of the Chambers tentacles from ever getting one more cent of tax money. We have now seen what kind of people they are hiring (And firing) with it. And how little they actually get done with it.

      Food for thought: They were paying Kinsinger over $400,000 a year to be the big CEO. (Not to mention all of his other income from bribes and racketeering etc) For that same money we could have put 40 homeless people/families into $10,000 homes permanently......and done that again every year. (Contrast to how we do things now: Spend $24,000 a year jkust to give each homeless person $7,000 worth of services for a year....and still need to do that every year.)

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